Broadcast Video

The International College of Broadcasting (ICB) offers an opportunity to enter the world of broadcasting, recording, and multimedia with hands-on training and professionalism.

The need for trained personnel, both behind the scenes and in front of an audience is evidenced by the strong demand for qualified individuals in the technical and highly competitive field of Multimedia Production and Broadcasting.

ICB offers programs in:

Get hands-on training in ICB’s state-of-the-industry recording studio with recording technology, including a Pro Tools HD system, high-performance Mac workstations, high definition cameras and microphones, and the latest in production software.

In addition to quality education and training, ICB also includes a fully capable multimedia and marketing team. Striving to achieve quality service at an affordable price, ICB Productions takes advantage of its expert staff and most talented students, resulting in a valuable asset to businesses looking to develop media for their campaigns.

Mission Statement

The International College of Broadcasting strives to create a community of learning by challenging students in its General Education component to develop skills in critical assessment, analysis, expression, aesthetics, and independent thinking. These skills contribute significantly to the overall college mission of preparing students for careers in the radio, television, and audio/ visual production fields.